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The double action repellents offered are:

- Repellents safe and effective ;

-100% organic, are not harmful to children and pets;

- Ecological, the containers are 100% recyclable and have a12 month duration;

- Easy and quick to install;

- Cost effective and withVery good value for money.

Our products

Travel shield


It is an essential solution, perfect for everyday situations: in the park, in the cafe, on the terrace, when gardening or just relaxing around a barbecue.

It does not contain liquids or insecticide.


Portable diffuser                                              Pro portable diffuser

Wasp guard diffuser.png

Using the latest ultrasonic technology, you can protect the whole family whether at home or when you are traveling.

After fully charging the device, it can be used for up to 8 hours, or all day long by leaving it connected to the power cable.

In addition, it is silent, leak-free, and incorporates a multi-color night light if needed.


Refills wasp guard-PhotoRoom.png

Wasp Guard 100% natural organic blend oil repellent for filling diffusers.

Mosquito repellent travel boxes


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User testimonials

  • For a business like our bakery, it is very important to use only natural products, free of chemicals and toxic products. We have tried many insect repellents over the years with no success, but have just found the most effective and reliable solution on the market.

Inhaberin Café


  • In the current context we face a growing demand for environmentally friendly, organic and ethical solutions and products. In the field of pest control, we have identified a trend that advocates the use of volatile natural compounds which play a very important role in the life and communication of insects and which can be used as natural bait or repellent without thereby harming the environment. Wasp Guard is the perfect example of this trend towards organic products.

    Istvan Szarukan


  • We were asked to test the product from a scientific point of view. Many products based on chemical components are tested in our laboratories to verify their effectiveness, toxicity and environmental footprint. We did not expect to see a simple natural perfume act so effectively, we were very pleasantly surprised by the results. We strongly recommend the use of this product as a natural insect repellent to everyone and in particular to those allergic to wasp stings.

    Mahendra Rai


  • This box has become an indispensable part of my bag. It is stylish, chic, compact, portable but, above all, it keeps wasps away!

Donna Cole    


  • Last summer my bar was invaded by wasps because of the high temperatures which was detrimental to my business. I found this product thanks to a friend who told me about it and I couldn't believe my eyes: the product kept wasps away from drinks and tables immediately!

Antonio Granados

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